The inboxBroker System is a true all-in-one communications platform and includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails, autoresponders, surveys, events, contacts and more. It is fully-featured email marketing system which has been developed by marketing experts specifically for the motor industry. The system is intuitive but very easy to use and includes the following useful features:

The Basics

Manage and Create Mailing Lists

With inboxBroker you can easily create separate mailing lists for different groups of recipients for example a recruitment agency has Candidates and also Clients who are looking for these candidates. Keeping these two groups separate allows you to communicate with the two with a completely different email.

inboxBroker also automatically processes undeliverable mail from your list and identifies to you which contacts email addresses are wrong or have changed. Allowing you to update these records.

Manages Subscribe and Unsubscribe

inboxBroker has tools that will allow you to create simple subscription forms for your Website allowing a specified list to grow automatically without any importing.

inboxBroker also handles all unsubscribe requests for you adding a one click unsubscribe link to every email you send and processing the unsubscribe requests from your lists. These Unsubscribe requests are identifiable by contact and exportable should you wish.

Create and send High Quality Email presentations.

Presentation is everything inboxBroker allows a user with no IT skills to update images and content within their Email Templates ensuring a professional presentation for all their campaigns.

We also provide a custom template creation service leaving you to handle, only the weekly or monthly updates.

Create Response based follow up campaigns

inboxBroker can create customized response emails based on a set of rules i.e. depending on what activity has taken place within the initial email or new subscribers to your lists.

An example is as follows:- A Website visitor fills in the form to receive your regular Newsletters inboxBroker can send out a Welcome email with an offer of 10 % off all orders before a certain date as an introductory offer. This can be set to all go out automatically.


You do an email campaign to 3000 companies who are in the motor industry and your organisation is a Trade Show Organiser, the forthcoming UK Fleet Show is coming up and you need to sell space. In your email you say ‘…for detailed stand rates for the show click here’ In your campaign statistics you see 102 clicks on this link.

Your telesales team channel their time and attention on the 102 not the 3000, giving a higher ROI to the whole campaign.

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